Greater productivity with the high-speed clamping system for STEINEL roll taps
STEINEL offers an innovative high-speed clamping system for the high-performance, process-integrated tapping units S-Former E1 to E3. It allows roll taps to be replaced in a few simple steps.
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The worn tap can be removed with one press of the finger on the quick-change insert. The new tap is positioned by hand. Even the switch to another thread size can be completed in a few steps: While reducers and collets must be exchanged in conventional systems, only the clamping insert is replaced when using the high-speed clamping system.

The STEINEL high-speed clamping system is available for a variety of thread sizes, and retrofitting the conventional variant with collet with a high-speed clamping system is also no problem because the spindle contour is maintained. The high-speed clamping system is also in development already for the S-Former Z.

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