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Cutting elements

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Cutting elements

The linchpin of the punching tool

STEINEL has an extensive standard range of cutting elements in stock. This makes short delivery times and optimum availability possible. Furthermore, we also provide cutting elements with individual shapes and in varying sizes.

Best materials for top precision

Production usually incorporates the following steps:

  • Automated production using high-quality high-speed steels, powder metallurgical steels and carbides.
  • This is usually followed by a manual finish such as microblasting or polishing.
  • An additional PVD coating is also an option and serves to create a harder surface and lower wear.
Wide standard selection and custom solutions

Our extensive catalogue contains the right cutting element to meet a range of requirements and for a range of shapes. Our experts would be happy to help you make the right choice.

If you cannot find the right cutting element to meet your needs from our standard range, we can develop and produce custom active elements to satisfy your specific requirements.