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Guide units

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Guide units

Maximum quality, extended lifetime

Our high-precision, durable guide units are designed for universal use in the fields of toolmaking, machine engineering, measuring device design and apparatus engineering. In addition to our large range of standard guide units, our customer-specific guides make it possible to implement tailor-made solutions optimally, quickly and economically – with maximum quality and extended lifetime guaranteed.

High standards to meet any requirements

You can find the right guide to meet any requirements in our huge range of standard guide units:

  • Bronze-coated sliding guides, low-maintenance sliding guides with solid lubricant, ball guides made of aluminium, brass or plastic and roller guides made of aluminium.
  • We offer smooth press-in guide pillars and pillars with shoulders, quick-change pillars with cone shank or guide pillars with head with/without oil grooves in lengths ranging from 30 to 560 mm and diameters from 3 to 160 mm as standard products.

New from STEINEL: Guide bushes with adhesive grooves

A transition fit ensures the guide bushes with adhesive grooves are inserted in the mounting bores of the tool plates and maintain their exact position and alignment due to the fit free of clearance. They are held in place permanently when the adhesive applied in the groove hardens.

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STEINEL guide units are highly precise and, with loading capacities of up to 3,300 N/cm for ball guides and 8,750 N/cm for roller guides, they are highly resilient. Number of strokes up to 800 strokes for bronze-coated sliding guides and sliding speeds of max. 40 m/min for ball guides guarantee maximum productivity.

All of STEINEL's ball and roller guides are pre-loaded and absolutely free of clearance. Using precision steel balls and profile rollers of the same sort guarantees top precision. Thanks to fixed sizes, ball and roller cages are freely interchangeable in one and the same guide.

For high force absorption, we rely on a high density of load-bearing balls or rollers.
In the case of uniform force distribution, individual ball and roller rows are offset against each other.

Individual solutions

For tool designs and applications that move away from conventional punching technology or for non-standard diameters and lengths, we can develop and manufacture tailor-made ​​solutions in line with your specifications, e.g.:

  • Guide pillars with max. diameter of 200 mm and max. length of 1,400 mm
  • Custom shapes, any internal machining

We would be happy to advise you and work with you to develop your own custom guide.