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Nitrogen cylinders & composite systems

 – top performance at all pressure levels
Nitrogen cylinders & composite systems

Maximum force in the smallest of spaces

STEINEL nitrogen cylinders are a heavy-duty alternative to helical compression springs in punching and bending tools. They are very durable and deliver extremely high forces in the smallest of spaces. Besides its wide standard range, STEINEL – the only manufacturer to produce its parts in Germany – also provides custom products tailored to your specific needs.

Stand-alone or in combination – extremely resilient

The use of high-quality materials, maximum production precision and special design features make every single STEINEL nitrogen cylinder extremely robust and durable.

Consultation and engineering combined

Often it is not enough to use the best components to achieve optimum results. We therefore offer comprehensive technical consultations and are only satisfied when we have found the best solution for your specific application.
We also develop customer-specific manifold plates with integrated nitrogen buffers for high-performance tools.