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Composite plates

Composite plates

Composite plates from STEINEL are suitable for high-density tools with high force requirements in a small space.

They consist of multiple nitrogen cylinders and a control panel, which are connected to one another via boreholes in the lower plate. As with tube composite systems, this ensures uniform system pressure and a larger nitrogen volume, resulting in a flatter force curve. Composite plates from STEINEL are particularly compact and reliable.

Maximum reliability in the smallest of spaces

Connecting multiple nitrogen cylinders within the system decreases the lateral forces in the guide units system by maintaining a standardised system pressure level and reduces the risk of tilting. In addition, the connecting holes increase the nitrogen volume present, resulting in a flattening of the force increase. This enhances guide precision, minimises overall tool wear and increase tool lifetime and efficiency.

The nitrogen cylinder connections on the lower plate have two significant advantages over tube connections:

  • No additional space is required in the tool for external tubing, as all of the connecting holes are in the interior of the lower plate. With that in mind, our composite plates are particularly suitable for small, high-density tools.
  • The number of sealing points is reduced to a minimum in order to prevent the risk of tool failure due to leaks in the system.

The integrated control panel makes it possible to optimise, monitor and control system pressure to increase process reliability. Multiple pressure cycles can also be integrated into composite plate systems.

Design and maintenance – all from a single source

The lower plates for your composite plate systems are developed and manufactured to meet your requirements . Equipped with one or multiple pressure circuits, they are perfectly suited for use in your tool.

After commissioning, our expert service team takes care of the maintenance of your system and is always on hand to answer any questions you may have.

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