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Tube composite systems

Tube composite systems

Tube composite systems from STEINEL are particularly well-suited for tools in cases where maximum precision, process reliability and lifetime are required.

This involves connecting multiple nitrogen cylinders and a control panel using tubes in order to standardise system pressure. The total volume of nitrogen in the system is easily increased through the tubes, which leads to a flattening of both the pressure increase and the force curve.

High process reliability, reduced wear

All of the nitrogen cylinders within a pressure cycle have a standardised pressure level, which means that the force ratio between them is constant. This lowers the risk of tilting, reduces the lateral forces in the guide units and thus guarantees high guide precision within the tool.

  • Integrated control panel
    The integration of a control panel means that system pressure can be reliably monitored at any time and optimised in line with the production process.
  • Optional pressure control switch
    An optional pressure control switch triggers an alarm or immediate stop in the event of any undesired pressure changes in the machine in order to prevent any damage to the tool or defective parts.
  • Equalisation of system pressure drop
    It is possible to temporarily compensate for a small pressure drop by replenishing nitrogen levels without having to stop the machine.
  • One or multiple pressure cycles
    One or multiple pressure cycles can be installed in a tool.
Flexible design and retrofitting

We would be happy to optimise your STEINEL tube composite system to meet your individual requirements so that you can rely on a perfectly coordinated system. We support you from the design phase right through to commissioning and maintenance.

The tubing in STEINEL nitrogen cylinders must comply with regulations of the employer's liability insurance association and can be implemented as a retrofit measure at any time.

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