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System springs

 – a wide variety to suit every application
System springs

High flexibility and a wide force spectrum

System springs from STEINEL are available in different diameters and lengths, all in up to eight load types. As a result, we have the optimum system spring for every application and force requirement.

Types of load are colour-marked so that they can be immediately told apart.

They all have standardised installation dimensions, which means that it is easy to increase or reduce the level of compressive force even at a later date.

High flexibility and a wide force spectrum
  • All springs are made of alloyed valve spring steel (CrV/CRSi). This wire is especially resistant to impact and vibration stress and can be used at operating temperatures of up to 180 °C.
  • The high-quality material enables system springs such as the BLACK SZ 8047 to exert forces of 2,000 daN at maximum stroke. The BLACK SZ 8049 exerts a force as high as 2,500 daN, making it stronger than some nitrogen cylinders.
All-in-one solution from a single source

As STEINEL also provides all components for pre-loaded spring units in addition to system springs, you can always rest assured that your systems will be perfectly coordinated and ready to install.

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