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Active elements

Active elements

The decisive factor for the quality of your end products

Our active elements are subject to the highest requirements in terms of accuracy, surface quality and durability. This means that we manufacture the very best active elements for you in line with your specifications – from one workpiece through to mass production.

Exceptionally durable

Starting materials for our cutting, bending and embossing elements are high-quality high-speed steels, powder metallurgical steels and carbides. Automated production is usually followed by a manual finish (e.g. microblasting or polishing) and a subsequent PVD coating. The resulting high-quality surface finish of the cutting edges leads to exceptionally high durability and perfectly punched products. In addition, optimum cutting clearances and waste protection guarantee high process quality.

Identical, right down to the smallest detail

As wearing parts, active elements are replaced multiple times over a tool's service life. Our CAD/CAM-supported processes enable us to create a µ-accurate replication of parts that have already been manufactured at any time and guarantee the 100-percent interchangeability of our active elements.

If you need a spare part, the new part is identical to the active element most recently supplied by us right down to the last detail and can be exchanged quickly and easily without the need for any rework.