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FAQ – frequently asked questions and their answers

Modular tool systems for progressive stamping

STEINEL's module system combines the advantages of a standardised tool with the necessary flexibility for parts production. It comprises a standardised basic design and individual tool modules that are interchangeable, which ensures that your production remains extremely flexible and that retrofitting is quick and cost-effective.

Here you will find frequently asked questions – and the corresponding answers – about the STEINEL modular system.

Are the grid sizes for the springs predefined or can they be determined according to customer specifications?

The grid size of the integrated system springs in the modular system is always 50 mm.

What is the life time of the springs?

The life time of the springs depends on the preload and the stroke. In accordance with ISO 10243, they are designed for "a long life time". You can find specific information on this topic in the Spring elements catalogue.

How is the number of springs in the modular system determined?

The number of springs is the result of the grid size of 50 mm as well as the length and width of the basic structure.  

If the module width is 200 mm, up to three rows of springs are used. If the width is 250 mm, it can be up to four rows. 

What is the tolerance of the positioning of the modules toward each other?

The tolerance of the modules toward each other is less than 0.02 mm. 

What is the tolerance of the parallelism of the plates of the basic structure to the module plates?

The tolerance of the parallelism is less than 0.02 mm.

Can cable ducts for protecting the tool be added?

Application-specific cable ducts can be introduced in the adapter plate.

Are the middle mount shoulder pillars pressed in or can they also be screwed on?

The middle mount shoulder pillars in the STEINEL modular system are pressed in.

What is the average delivery time for a modular system?

The standardised modules are available from stock – subject to being sold. 

Upon request, we will provide you with the delivery time for the basic structure that is to be adapted to the respective production machine. 

What does the modular system cost?

Our price list includes all available versions of the standardised modules. 

We would be happy to make you an individual offer for the machine-specific basic frame as well as for customer-specific adaptations. 

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Are there instructions for installing/assembling/equipping the modular systems?

Thanks to the clear design with unambiguous characteristics and functions, instructions for installing/assembling/equipping the modular systems are not required. The design data are included in the scope of supply.  

Is the distance between the mounting slots for the press table variable?

The basic structure is designed for the respective production plant. 

Can a strip infeed with a film gate station for the avoidance of punching errors be integrated?

A strip infeed with a film gate station is not included in the standard version but it can be integrated optionally. 

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