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Spare part management

 – quick, reliable and transparent
Spare part management

Quick, reliable and transparent

Thanks to our professional spare part management, we can ensure that your spare and wearing parts are available to you in high quality – 100 % identical to the originals and exactly when you need them. This applies to both standard and custom parts and active elements.

High reliability for your production

If we produce a tool for you, we prepare a substantiated forecast of wearing part requirements over its entire lifetime based on specific tool and production parameters.

A detailed spare parts list shows you when it is anticipated that certain parts will need to be replaced and sets individual delivery dates for each wearing part.

In accordance with this list, we can keep your standard and custom parts available at our premises, arrange for you to have consignment stock at your premises or produce them on request at agreed delivery times.

We therefore offer maximum long-term planning and ensure the quick and reliable supply of spare parts to prevent production failures.

Costs and risks under control

Our detailed spare parts lists also take into account the likely costs that you should allow for in order to replace wearing parts over the lifetime of your tools.

We can also perform thorough calculations so that you can avoid economic risks and play it safe from the outset.