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Tapping units

 – the optimum system for every application
Tapping units

The optimum system for every application

With our two tapping units, the S-Former Z and S-Former E, you can create top-quality threads in your stamping and bending processes. Different versions and system variants are available to suit a range of applications. The S-Former is integrated into the punching and bending tool and is process-optimised. Compared to a subsequent, non-integrated tapping process, you can significantly increase part quality, process reliability and efficiency in production.

Best quality with maximum profitability

When tapping, the grain structure of the metal is not interrupted (unlike when thread cutting), so there is no swarf accumulation during production. Formed threads have

  • maximum tensile strength and stability, resulting in higher tensile strength capacity and durability.
  • a smooth, burr-free surface quality. This simplifies installation, reduces corrosion and prevents galling of cut threads.

Process-integrated tapping involves the integration of the tapping unit into the punching and bending tool. The forming process is faster and the lifetime of a roll tap is longer than that of a thread cutter. As such, all production takes place in one tool, which shortens through-put times and reduces both handing times and the workload.

Getting started is easy with us

In order to reap the benefits of process-integrated tapping, we can help you select the right system and integrate it into your tool for optimum results. We would be happy to work with you to develop new tool concepts with one or more tapping stations, which guarantee high productivity and process reliability.