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S-Former Z

S-Former Z

The S-Former Z is our all-mechanical solution for process-integrated tapping.

It is driven by means of a press stroke and no electrical installation is required. Direct mechanical coupling means that it runs 100% in sync with the tool and does not require an external control unit.

The S-Former Z can be adjusted to specific processes and tools with little effort.

Simple and reliable

  • The linear stroke movement of the press is converted into a rotation movement via a gear rod-sprocket pairing. This is translated in the gear to the required rotation speed and transmitted via a Cardan shaft to the compact tapping unit. There, a lead screw rotates equally with the tap (equal pitch) and drives it into the part.
  • The tapping unit can be positioned at virtually any angle in the tool, which makes the S-Former Z very flexible and the production of complex parts possible. Thanks to the Cardan shaft, assembly can also be carried out on the

    moved blank holder plate independent of tolerances. The robust, precise design of the S-Former Z, which boasts an extended lifetime, makes it out from the crowd. Maintenance expenses are kept to a minimum as the tapping unit only needs to be lubricated. This makes the S-Former Z one component in your tool that you can rely on in the long term.

  • With its compact design configuration and flexible adaptation possibilities, the S-Former Z can be easily reused in multiple production series and integrated into existing tools. Combined with an extended lifetime, this leads to low amortisation costs.
Services as tailored as our technology

The S-Former Z is configured by our experts in terms of adjustments to the gear rod, gear, Cardan shaft and lead screw to tailor it to your order. We address all relevant features of your tool (stroke, press speed...) and product (material, pitch, thread size...) alike so as to achieve the highest levels of quality and productivity.

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