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Tool design

Tool design

Sophisticated concepts for top efficiency

Whether your focus is on progressive stamping or Bihler technology, our designers will help you develop a new tool or optimise your existing tool as required. No matter what the task is, it is our goal to develop the perfect tool for you. You benefit from our many years of experience in punching and bending technology and our expert know-how.

Transparent from the beginning

You will receive an initial tool concept and detailed quote from us just days after making an enquiry. Using the latest CAD software, such as UG and bNX, we can deliver a cutting concept as early as the quote stage with information such as:

  • Strip layout
  • Material utilisation
  • Material requirement
  • Cutting force

This means that you can calculate parts prices and make economically sound decisions, even at this early stage.

Tool and production optimisation

Our experts analyse process parameters with the aim of increasing tool lifetime, production speed and operating times, minimising material usage or improving the quality of your end products and make suggestions regarding how to optimise the tool and production process.

Tool design:

  • MADIS (Material Data Information System)
  • Bending study
  • Punch length study
  • Cutting clearance optimisation


  • Retraction
  • Function chart
  • Cam disc
  • Calculations (threads, screw)
  • Simulation

This enables you get the most out of your production process while increasing production reliability and profitability.