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The electrical S‑Former E consists of a tapping unit head, AS Servodrive and PLC control unit. In can control and permanently monitor up to four tapping unit heads at a time. That ensures a top thread quality and 100% process safety. The S‑Former E is therefore suitable for the defect-free production of safety-relevant parts.

  • Technical features

    Five tapping unit heads for different thread sizes:

    S-Former E0 S-Former E0
    Ø thread [mm] 1-4
    Rotation speed [1/min] Up to 5,000
    S-Former E1.1
    Ø thread [mm] 4-8
    Rotation speed [1/min] Up to 3,250
    S-Former E1
    Ø thread [mm] 4-8
    Rotation speed [1/min] Up to 2,500
    S-Former E2
    Ø thread [mm] 8-16
    Rotation speed [1/min] Up to 2,500
    S-Former E3
    Ø thread [mm] 8-26
    Rotation speed [1/min] Up to 1,000
    • High-performance AC Servodrives with up to 2.25 kW (400 V) drive the tapping unit heads
    • Numbers of cycles with up to 160 strokes per minute due to high torque and rotation speeds as well as steep acceleration curves
    • No overheating of the motors thanks to large performance reserves
    • Programmable maintenance intervals
    • Integration of the switch control for the automatic disqualification of NOK parts possible
    • Optional available with minimal lubrication

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