Tapping units – S-Former Z

S-Former Z

The S‑Former Z is our purely mechanical solution for process-integrated tapping. It is driven by means of a press stroke and no electrical installation is required. Direct mechanical coupling means that it runs 100% in sync with the tool and does not require an external control unit.

  • Technical features
    • Thread dimensions up to M12 possible
    • Thread possible at almost any angle

    Collet for roll tap

    • Threaded bush suspension as collision protection
    • Lead screw rotates equally with the roll tap (equal pitch)
    • Cardan shaft for the balancing of the tapping unit head stroke movements

    Gear rod runner block guide

    • Gear with oil lubrication/tapping unit head with grease lubrication
    • Compact design of the tapping unit head (60 x 60 x 143 mm)
    • Compact design of the gear (150 x 150 x 96 mm)

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"S-Former EZ" specifications

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